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The 3000A Series range of calibrators offer the widest workload of any calibration system presently available. These class leading solutions provide the unique concept of add-on external calibration adapters combined with built-in measurement capabilities to dramatically extend the range of instruments that can be calibrated. 

The 3000A Series multi-product calibrators have been designed to help you and your business, allowing a wide range of calibration work to be performed quickly, accurately and economically. Modern calibration is a competitive market, and cost effective equipment and software are key considerations. 

Consisting of 3 models from 8 ppm to 50ppm, the 3000A Series Multi-Product Calibrator provides a solution for your laboratory workload requirements.


  • Wide workload - calibrates over 18 types of instrument
  • Ideal for Laboratory or on-site use, with fast warm up time of less than 30 minutes and portable design
  • The ability to automate calibration using ProCal Software - The worlds easiest to use calibration software
  • Wide range of options to suit your budget and accuracy requirements
  • Intuitive front panel design with Large LED screen and ergonomic rubberised keyboard
  • Full output protection through I-Guard system - prevents the output being switched on if voltage is detected on the terminals
  • Integrated USB interface enables direct connection to computers and laptops, no expensive GPIB interfaces required.


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