Dụng cụ HVAC IAQ Fluke TiR4FT Dụng cụ HVAC IAQ Fluke TiR4FT Model: Fluke TiR4FT CO: USA Manufacturer: Fluke TiR4FT Dụng cụ HVAC IAQ 0 VND Số lượng: 100 cái

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Số lượng
  • Leading thermal sensitivity (to 0.05°C NETD) provides fine resolution, and ultra high-quality images.
  • IR-Fusion® technology automatically merges visual and thermal images, pinpointing trouble areas quicker by automatically relating thermal images with the real world. IR-Fusion is included with all models.
  • The 180° articulating lens is great for viewing around obstructions.
  • Large, 5 in high resolution, high contrast display.
  • A Vanadium Oxide focal plane array (to 320 by 240 pixels) and 20 mm high quality Germanium lens with continuous single finger focus provide exceptional image resolution.
  • SmartView® professional report writing software generates fast, easy customizable reports including rich image analysis with free updates for the life of your product.
  • The intuitive operation with on-camera Windows CE interface makes it easy to use.

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