Đồng hồ vạn năng Amprobe PM55A Đồng hồ vạn năng Amprobe PM55A Model: PM55A CO: Taiwan Includes: - Carrying case - battery(installed) - Users manual PM55A Đồng hồ vạn năng 1.867.500 VND Số lượng: 100 cái

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Số lượng
  • AutoTect™ feature directs the meter to know if it is measuring AC or DC volts or resistance with no user interface
  • The AutoTect™ feature has lower input impedance which zeros out ghost voltages
  • Measures AC/DC current, capacitance, frequency, continuity with beeper
  • Voltect™ feature is a built-in, non-contact voltage detector
  • Power supply 3 V standard button battery x 1 (IEC-CR2032; ANSI-NEDA-5004LC)
  • Automatic power off


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